How to create a website today

A Website has four components.

A website may seem daunting to create. There are lots of information out there and hundreds of many tools to get the job done.

Firstly, hosting.

The first component of a website that you need to consider is hosting. Website hosting might seem intimidating, but it’s not. Think of your website as a collection of files. When it’s “hosted” on your computer (like all of your other files), only you can open it up. When you host those files on a web server, anyone can connect to that server through the internet. It’s critical for your site to run smoothly and securely, whether you’re big, small or somewhere in between business.

Why Domina8 for hosting?

Domina8 hosting runs on Multi-datacenter High Availability platform. This ensures your website is secure, fast and stable with uptime of 99.9999999% of time. Domina8 utilises tools (SSL, Email, WordPress etc) to manage, monitor, provide security for your website.


Then a domain

domina8 what is a domain

The next consideration is the domain name or as I call them, your website address. A domain name is a unique website address that is used for finding and identifying your website. It does not include the content (which will be described below as website). In this example: is the domain name/web address.

Why Domina8 for domain?

Domina8 will register your domain with, the most trusted domain manager at a global scale. Hence, Domina8 currently monitors domains on Godaddy to make sure the security is still valid. All domains require registration of 1 year with Godaddy, once the expire date draws closer, Domina8 will inform their customers to renew.

Thirdly, website development tools

A website is a collection or set of website pages (contact us, home page, products, services, FAQ etc), multi-media content, tools, plugins, themes under a single domain. Eon’s ago website developers utilise HTML, CSS, php as tools to create websites, nowadays, CMS (content management system e.g. WordPress, Joomla) makes website design and development much easier.

Lastly, most important

domina8 our team

Is the website development team.

At Domina8 we have over 12 years in IT (Information Technology).We also have many happy customers and is one of the best rated (5/5) website design/development companies globally.

We provide mobile friendly, easy to navigate websites for customers across different sectors.

What is process of getting a website?

To have a website up and running smoothly the steps undertaken by Domina8 are as follows:

  1. Gather the requirements on what the customer wants 
  2. Provide a prototype to the customer with the plan
  3. Agree on the plan and proposal
  4. Receive full payment from customer
  5. Setup hosting – provide the best, fastest, most secured hosting services
  6. Ask the customer what domain they would like
  7. Register that domain with Godaddy and change the nameserver to point to our hosting 
  8. Setup website with security
  9. Setup cPanel (tool to manage website hosting)
  10. Install WordPress
  11. Develop the website, as per the customer requirements, usually 5-7 days
  12. Give website to customer for feedback
  13. Make the final changes as per the customer request
  14. Handover to customer
  15. Ongoing support provided if required

You can always contact us to find out more about hosting, website domain and development.