Video Advertising

The complete guide to online video advertising.

domina8 video advertising

We have heard it many times, content is king. Well actually Video Marketing is now the true king of content on the internet.

What is video advertising?

Video advertising is a promotional strategy that plays before, during and after streaming of content. 

domina8 video advertising

Video Advertising Running before the video you want to watch.

A popup advertisement showing during the running of video on Youtube. 

Where is video advertising now among the other methods of advertising?

Video advertising is one of Domina8 digital marketing services.

Video advertising is one of the most popular ways to reach online audiences. Experts believe video advertising will dominate the next decade, which suggests that now is an ideal time for marketing professionals to learn more about it and investigate how it could improve their reach and overall effectiveness with campaigns.

What are some of the videos that Domina8 created for advertising purposes.

This is the first video Domina8 created professionally. This video is now on Youtube under Domina8 channel.


Reef View Construction is a construction business in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Domina8 created their website and from that, their director asked Domina8 to build an online video for advertising, hence this video.

This video is for AMK Services the cleaning business in Auckland, New Zealand.

They contacted Domina8 to build a real website with all the photos from their Facebook page.

Some trends for online advertising.

1. Video Ads Are Not as Short

YouTube was one of the first platforms to offer six-second ads. Since late 2015, however, the most popular video ad length is 30 seconds. This data suggests that when it comes to video, people are willing to pay attention for a bit longer.

2. Mobile Users Tune in Longer

Research indicates smartphone users are more likely to watch long-form video ads than those lasting only six seconds. Once they’ve watched for six seconds, 72% of users continue to engage. Plus, they’re committed to the video more than those on a desktop.

3. Video Ad Spend Is Increasing

A report published in April 2019 confirms digital video ad budgets are up 25% year over year. The growth is more substantial in specific industries. In media and entertainment, for example, video-based ad spending increased by 75% since 2018.

4. Animation Is Getting More Popular


The goal of any video advertising campaign is to keep the viewer interested. Companies can achieve magic by using animation in their ads. Additions like cartoons blended with real-life footage and motion-tracked graphics can make the content lively, relevant and fun.

Why Domina8 for video?

  1. Domina8 will create a professional video based on customer requirements and needs. This involves a initial 1:1 strategy meeting to elicitate what customers want.
  2. Domina8 will provide samples in .mp4 format for customer review and provide changes. Once the customer is happy, Domina8 will then modify the video to make it easier to upload to Youtube.
  3. Domina8 will upload the video to Youtube.
  4. From here the customer get to choose how they want to advertise the video. Please see here for our social media advertising prices.
What happens to video? The customer owns the video on Youtube, you can do whatever you want with it, advertise it anyway your heart desires.