How does domina8 provide Online Coach today

Domina8 provides 3 online coach and consulting services to current and new clients.

Website services consulting identifies the pain points in customers websites and find ways on how to improve them.

Digital Marketing services is identifying with current customers their issues and identifying the best way forward. This could be Facebook advertising, SEO services and digital marketing strategies.

The third approach is domiating customer niche. There are multiple approaches that Domina8 undertake to share this this information with clients.

Website services

domina8 consulting services

Once you’ve contacted us, we will work to get your website and online presence up and running between 5-7 days. But first and most importantly its time to understand your requirements and what you want.

  1. We will ensure that we will develop a winning brand for your website.
  2. We will listen to your requirements and challenges e.g. if you want a website ASAP (as soon as posible) because of a competitor getting into market.
  3. During the process you will gain more confidence that your website will be delivered in timely and mobile friendly format.
  4. We will communicate with customer on regular basis until an agreement has been reached.
  5. We will create a prototype for customer to give them an idea on what they want. The prototype serves the purpose of giving confidence to customer that domina8 can design, and develop their websites. Usually the prototype can take 1-2 days.
  6. Once the prototype is done, the customer will then get a plan. The plan contains the list of pages that will be provided during the final development.

Digital Marketing Services

domina8 consulting services dictation

If you are being charged ridiculous amount by agencies to manage your digital marketing products and services, then we can offer a better service.

  1. We start by assessing where you are and work closely with you to develop your skills and knowledge pointing you in the best direction for your business at the time.
  2. We will analyse how competitive your business is. Please supply us with current adwords campaigns so we can plan accordingly.
  3. We want to check if your Digital Marketing strategy and goals has been met and we want to ensure you are a step ahead of your competitors.
  4. For Business owners we can also help you build or strengthen your brand using proven marketing solutions.
  5. We want you to get a better return from your marketing budget

How to dominate your niche?

domina8 your niche

How would you want for Newman at domina8 now to share you his secrets of dominating your business niche. This meeting will increase confidence, collaboration, productivity and gain a competitive edge in your environment. This is what you will gain.

  1. Maximise opportunities better and improve your ability to achieve organisational goals.
  2. Absoutely dominate your niche and be not number 2 but number 1 on Google Maps, Search and Search Engine Optimisation.
  3. Support you throughout this very exciting growth journey.
  4. Help you understand how Websites, Digital Marketing, social media works.
  5. Share to you Domina8 top 5 secrets (not known by many).

Contact us today to dominate your niche, understand the importance of websites and get your digital marketing strategy going.

How does online coach and services look like?

There comes a time where online coaching is the best way to move a company forward. Although some investment might be required, the long term benefit of online coaches can not be measured.