A list of FAQ and Help questions.

FAQ and Help questions below should help answer some of our customers most common questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us

If that is your preference, we can definitely provide training for you and guide you through the process e.g. will provide step by step instructions to edit your text and/or content.

This is where Domina8 shines brightly as we have tons of customers currently running online stores.

We will:

  1. create your products and services on website
  2. setup different payment gateways e.g. Paypal, Online banking etc
  3. setup the ordering system
  4. setup cart and checkout
  5. setup automatic email when customer places and order
  6. setup an invocing system
  7. Test and make sure each component above is working.

Domina8 follows a phase process. Usually Phase 1, is to get your website up and running ASAP, and phase 2 might include extra services e.g. if you want online advertising, digital marketing, SEO etc

For websites, in short, NO. The reason for this is as business I have to pay external companies for your website hosting, domain and WordPress. It’s also inconvenient for us to check if customer has paid on monthly basis.

However: There are services that we provide that gives customers the flexibility to pay one month and not the following month and we at Domina8 are not left with bill.

In Phase 2 (after website is built in Phase 1), Domina8 can provide Digital Marketing services and Consulting Services and Extra Addons including professional email address.

Both approaches allows your business website to be visible in front of potential customers when they search for your niche e.g. ‘auckland airport shuttle’. 

Adwords is a Google advertising technique that allows business owners to display advertising on Google. This can cost money. 

SEO is another Google advertising technique that allows business owners to show their website on Google Search results without paying for Google.

Both techniques are detailed here.

Absolutely. Domina8 can setup a custom professional email address with the ability to forward the emails to your personal email account.  Examples include: newman@domina8.com 

Some benefits of FAQ.

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